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AM-640 / AM-640N


The launcher was designed to ease operate and fire standard 40 mm non-lethal ammunitions. It is equipped with handling, dropping and mechanism neutralization safety devices. The Launcher is specially adapted for Order Maintenance operations led by Police Forces or Peace Maintenance operations performed by the Army under the service in the United Nations – UN.


  • Caliber: 40mm
  • Operation System: Break-open , Single Shot, DAO (double action only)
  • Material: High resistence aluminum
  • Sights: Fix
  • Stock/grips: Polymer (black or orange – optional) with rubber back-end
  • Handling / Transport (Safety catch)
  • Drop safety (integral to the mechanism)
  • Neutralizer (access safety – Only for AM-640/N)
  • Finishing: Black painting
  • Accessories: Maintenance and cleaning kit, Picatinny rail and sling
  • Optional accessories: Carrying bag and optical scope

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This product should only be used by trained and legally authorized personnel. If misused, it may cause serious injury or death and damage to property.

Product Approved by CAEX

* Values ​​reported are nominal.
** Merely illustrative images.
*** All specifications are subject to change without notice.
All performance specifications are based on tests conducted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under ambient temperature conditions.