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How Condor Became A Global Leader

Condor Non-Lethal Technologies

Aglobal leader in its segment and a pioneer in the development of the non-lethal concept in Brazil, Condor Non-Lethal Technologies celebrates 33 years of a rich history in 2018. Today, cutting-edge technologies are developed in its modern industrial park in Rio de Janeiro, to form a vast portfolio of more than 120 products exported to more than 50 countries.

The history of Condor is intertwined with the use of non-lethal technologies in Brazil. In 1985, when Condor was founded, the products it manufactured were not called ‘non-lethal,’ but were referred to as ‘chemical ammunition’.

In line with the philosophy adopted by its founding member, Carlos Erane Aguiar, ever since its creation in 1985, the company has dedicated itself exclusively to the development of this type of technology; equipment designed to temporarily incapacitate and preserve lives.

At first, there were those who did not believe in the non-lethal concept. After all, it was still an embryonic niche market in Brazil. But soon the enormous potential for growth of the segment became evident, especially after the 8th United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders, held in Havana, Cuba, in 1990.


The historic 8th UN Congress was a turning point for the non-lethal industry on a global scale. For the first time, a body with the importance of the UN specifically recommended that governments around the world use non-lethal weapons in public safety actions, to reduce causing permanent injury or death.

It was during this period that Condor began its incursion into the international market, investing its first export efforts, with considerable success, into major countries on four continents. Now in more than 50 countries, one of Condor’s clients is the UN, which uses the Brazilian company’s products in its peacekeeping missions, especially in Haiti, which has already resulted in the company receiving public praise from the entity.

Condor actively participates in discussion forums on non-lethal weapons.

It has been present, for example, ever since the first edition of the important European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons, held by the Fraunhofer Society — a German technology entity that promotes a biennial edition of the event. Condor contributed its experience to the development of policies and regulations relating to the use of non-lethal weapons in the military and public safety spheres.

In the 4th edition of the symposium, held in 2007, the company presented the work, “Non-Lethal Technologies in Brazil.” Among diverse definitions, the UN, NATO and the US Department of Defense agreed to adopt the following concept to define non-lethal weapons: “Devices that are designed and employed to temporarily incapacitate personnel and material, without causing death, permanent injury, or even undesirable material damage to buildings and the environment”. Thus, they allow for the gradual use of force by reducing the situations in which the use of lethal weapons is necessary.

This is how Brazil, through a company with 100% national capital, has come to stand out as one of the leading countries in this type of technology. Condor has achieved the top position in global rankings of non-lethal technology manufacturers.

The perfect understanding of the non-lethal concept has allowed military and police forces around the world to have increasingly sophisticated, effective, accurate and less lethal equipment, and Condor is proud to have contributed to this.

The company’s philosophy remains the same: To overcome all limits to create and produce the most advanced and modern technologies. For this, the company is always investing in researching new products, focusing on the features that are its trademark: excellence, innovation and quality.