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We never think small. Since December 31, 1985, when Condor was founded, our philosophy has always been the same: go beyond all limits to design and produce the very best, most advanced, and modern in non-lethal technology and our commitment to life.

Nowadays, the goals remain the same. And the result of such dedication, combined with the trust and collaboration of the armed forces, public security forces, police, auxiliary forces, and governments around the world, could not be different: the construction of our history through excellence, innovation and quality. It is for these values that each of our employees and partners work every day.

We are currently present in over 80 countries around the world. Completely different cultures, races, peoples and places, but with one thing in common: Condor’s determination to preserve lives, wherever it may be, operating with its more than 120 products. From our own factory, not only come solutions that have made Condor a global leader, but also the certainty that we are, every day, making the present and the future safer for more and more people. This is proof that, when it comes to preserving lives, we never spare efforts.


To be the world leader in non-lethal solutions, through defensive intelligence, supported by technological and value innovations.


To meet market needs through non-lethal defensive intelligence products and services, ensuring the company’s growth and profitability.


We believe that ethics, social accountability, respect for the environment and human rights are the assurance of our credibility.


Condor stands out on the international scene as a Global Leader in Non-Lethal Technologies. We are a company with 100% Brazilian and private capital, and since 1985, we have developed and produced equipment, non-lethal ammunition and high-tech pyrotechnics for use in signaling and salvage.

Recognized by the Brazilian Government as a Strategic Defense Company. In the last five years, we have been the company in our segment that have introduced the most new and innovatived products, the main reason why we have significantly increased our penetration in the world market.

Our more than 35 years with excellence and technological innovation as a goal have ensured our position as a leader in the world rank and the trust of public security and defense agencies in several countries. Condor is among the main exporters in the defense sector in Brazil.

With more than 120 products in our portfolio, all approved by the Brazilian Army, Navy or Air Force, we have a modern industrial park located next to the Tinguá Biological Reserve, the largest Atlantic Forest reserve in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Our commitment to quality and the environment earned us a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, in addition to partnerships with foreign manufacturers to develop new technologies. Thus, Condor consolidates itself even more as a global reference in the “non-lethal” concept and in the respect for life.

TIMELINE 1977-2019


Condor S/A Indústria Química conducts its operations and develops its products in a sustainable manner and seeks ways to make this happen visibly and understood by all, with energy reduction projects, adequate waste treatment and the conscious use of natural resources.

ISO 9.001 (Quality Assurance) and ISO 14.001 (Environmental Management) certification.

Preserving the environment for future generations is a commitment of the Company, through total respect and compliance with environmental legislation. The best existing and economically viable practices are applied in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources, waste generation and the environmental impact arising from our activities.

Condor believes that our social accountability practices are an extension of our business role and go beyond our economic objectives and the production of goods and services. Therefore, we actively and responsibly participate in the community and develop actions for community social development and conservation of the environment, thus mitigating environmental impacts and working for an increasingly ethical and fair society.
The company understands the need to develop and support medium and long-term sustainable projects, butprojects but does not ignore the emergency needs that require quick action.
Condor supports dozens of actions, including individual initiatives, encouraging the social prominence of community members. Some examples:

– Support to the Municipal Social Assistance and Violence Prevention Secretariat (SEMASPV) in the Social Action and Citizenship project;

– Support to the Municipal School through the renovation and maintenance of the unit, assembly of the computer room, with the donation of computers and assignment of an instructor and corporate volunteering initiatives

– Signing of the “Declaration of Corporate Commitment to Combating Sexual Exploitation against Children and Adolescents”, with a broad internal campaign to raise awareness among employees on the subject and also publicized by the Residents’ Association and local businesses.

Condor believes that within our social accountability policy, a corporate volunteering program awakens employees to issues involving the organization’s values, mission, and strategic objectives. Therefore, we seek to facilitate and encourage the engagement of everyone in a broader project that is sustainable development.