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Our History



Innovation to keep up with a world that never stops changing

In 1985, as a result of the acquisition of part of Química Tupan – a traditional manufacturer of war material and pyrotechnics from the 1960s – Condo SA Industria Química was born, known today as Condor Tecnologias Não Letais. Condor then supplied smoke grenades for the Brazilian Army to equip its Urutu and Cascavel cars, in addition to exporting to countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Chile and Uruguay. At the national level, there is a scenario of political change and economic instability; social movements and human rights organizations are gaining more and more space and becoming more present together with public opinion. Throughout the 90’s, CONDOR created a program for the dissemination of the Non-Lethal Concept through intense dissemination with civil society and Defense and Public Security authorities, promoting lectures and training, having as a reference the 8th UN Congress;

Timeline 1977-2019