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The CS Rubber Blast Grenade GL-705 was designed to produce a noisy blast effect and a white CS powder cloud in riot control operations or when used by Special Forces during tactical entry. The loud sound and the irritant CS powder cloud cause surprising and disorienting effect for a few seconds, allowing for efficient action. In adition to the loud sound and the white irritant CS powder cloud the GL-705 produces a significant overpressure that adds to the disorienting physiological effects. Its rubber body prevents harmful fragmentation.


  • Body Material: Red Rubber
  • Agent: CS
  • Two Stages: In order to prevent the trigger from becoming a projectile, a special dual stage system allows the trigger to be ejected before the grenade explodes.
  • I-REF: Chip that makes possible the traceability of the grenade even after its operation.

May cause injuries at close distances.

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This product should only be used by trained and legally authorized personnel. If misused, it may cause serious injury or death and damage to property.

Product Approved by CAEX.

* Values ​​reported are nominal.
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All performance specifications are based on tests conducted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under ambient temperature conditions.