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The Multi-Impact OC Grenade GM-102 is designed to produce a noisy blast effect and disperse approximately 130 rubber balls in a 15 meters radius and an irritant white OC powder cloud. In addition, the GM-102 produces a significant overpressure that adds to the disorienting physiological effects. It is specially designed to be used in correctional and jail facilities against non-compliant or riotous inmates, as a last selection when tear gas grenades and non-lethal impact munitions have not resolved the disorder.


  • Body Material: Black Rubber
  • Projectiles: 130 rubber balls approximately
  • Agent: CS
  • Two Stages: In order to avoid the fuze from becoming a projectile, a special two-stages system allows the fuze to be ejected prior the grenade blast.
  • I-REF: Chip that makes possible the traceability of the grenade even after its operation.

Throw at 10 meters distance from subjects.

May cause injuries at close distance.

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This product should only be used by trained and legally authorized personnel. If misused, it may cause serious injury or death and damage to property.

Product Approved by CAEX

* Values ​​reported are nominal.
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All performance specifications are based on tests conducted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under ambient temperature conditions.