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Spark is a Conducted Electrical Device (CED) that sends electrical pulses at distance from two probes connected to an isolated copper wire. SPARK acts directly at the neuromuscular system, causing strong muscular contractions, allowing the Law officer to temporarily incapacitate the suspect.


    cartridge ejection system: At the time the ejection key
    is completely pressed, the operation cycle is automatically interrupted.
    Event Log: transmitted via wi-fi secure connection and shows date, time,
    discharge cycle duration for up to 1.000 deployments.
  • WI-FI connection:
    transmits all information from device to the SPARK
    Datakit without physical connection needed.
  • Display: OLED 0.95 with visual battery status for the device and the
  • Temperature range of operation: From -10 oC to 50 oC.
  • Serial Number: external visible markings and also shown in the internal
    memory information.
  • Traceability: I-REF Traceability system;
  • Flex light system: allows the user to turn on or turn off the laser and
    flashlight during operation.
  • Electronic Neutralizer: Accessory that interacts with the SPARK allowing
    the operator to disable all CED functions. Activated by button or distance
    range. (optional)

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This product should only be used by trained and legally authorized personnel. If misused, it may cause serious injury or death and damage to property.

Product Approved by CAEX.

* Values ​​reported are nominal.
** Merely illustrative images.
*** All specifications are subject to change without notice.
All performance specifications are based on tests conducted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under ambient temperature conditions.